Big Country Drilling is continually expanding our services and working with our customers to determine the safest and most effective drilling and coring methods to suit the needs of our customers. Learn more about our services below. Please contact us and let us know how we can help successfully and safely complete your project.


Big Country Drilling’s ownership, management and staff have many years of experience providing coring services to our many customers. We can provide services from the start to finish of core wells. Our quality staff has the experience to set casing, and core wells to total depth. There is no requirement to utilize a pre-set rig. Well abandonment can also be performed before moving from location if required by our customers.During coring operations, core recovery rates are of the highest priority to our staff and management. Our experienced staff and management, along with utilizing innovative and top quality equipment ensure our core recovery rates are maximized, even in the toughest of formations.

Drilling / Geotechnical

Big Country Drilling’s coring rigs can also be utilized safely and efficiently to complete wells of other designs for the drilling and mining industries. Some of our services include:

  • Auger drilling
  • ODEX drilling
  • HQ Coring
  • Sonic drilling with SPT sampling
  • Mud & Air rotary cathode protection
  • Inclinometer casing installs
  • Vibrating wire piezometer installs
  • Packer Testing
  • Monitoring/Observation wells
  • Pumping/Water wells
  • Grouting services
  • Pre-setting of surface casing

Abandonment & Abandonment Cementing

Big Country Drilling has two rigs we use solely for plug back and abandoning complete wells. They can be used for well clean out for logging, for running in and cementing, for cementing abandonment string and for cementing casing.

In addition, we have four self-sufficient cement bulkers that can go back and top fill wells after plug back. We also utilize custom built abandonment tanks; please contact us to find out more details about these tanks and their benefits.

Big Country Drilling’s fleet of fourteen rigs and two abandonment rigs were designed with the needs of our customers in mind. Big Country can provide self contained wheeled or tracked units as well as support equipment that can be utilized on smaller leases.

Due to the compactness and mobility of our equipment, set up, tear down and moving time from location to location is kept to a minimum. Learn more about our equipment.

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