Oil Sands, Mining & Preset Surface Casing

Do you expect top tier safety, experience, and equipment? Partner with Big Country Drilling on your next project and improve your success.

Coring & Drilling:

  • Core sampling (handling and hauling)
  • Surface casing pre-sets
  • Ground rod installations
  • Overburden proving

Abandonment & Cementing:

  • Well Abandonments
  • Cementing casing
  • Plug backs
  • Top fills
  • Well clean out for logging

Preset Surface Casing:

  • Fast and cost-effective way to accelerate well completion time
  • Bulk Cementing Units
  • Range III capable
  • 600 m depths

Mining Services:

  • Piezometer supply and installation
  • Water well drilling
  • Dynamic cone testing
  • Soil sampling
  • SPT sampling
  • Shelby tube sampling
  • CPT testing
  • Pressure Meter Testing
  • De-watering wells/de-pressurizations wells
  • Slope indicators
  • Monitoring well installation
  • Split spoon sampling
  • Surface casing set

Essential to every oil and gas well is an excellent surface casing set which provides well stability and ensures a tight seal from fresh water bearing zones. BCD’s rigs are compact and agile allowing for quick set up, work completion and departure – ultimately providing time and cost savings.

Oil Sands, Mining & Preset Surface Casing
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